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Our most asked question! How do I grow a beard?

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So we get asked all the time is there a product out there that will make their beard grow, or what supplements can they take to make a beard grow. While yes there are products out there that will indeed make a beard grow in fuller and stronger, there is no real "miracle" formula that will make a beard grow where it can't.... Here's why.

So the only real way to ensure that you can grow an epic Man Beard is to make sure you have good genes. No seriously that's the only way. If the hair follicles are not active, or are dead, just like the hair on the top of your head you won't be able to grow a beard. Also, while there are supplements and oils that will promote strong growth, there is no miracle cure to make it grow in any faster.

Is there hope? Yes of course there is. What you need is TIME and PATIENCE. If you decide to start growing a beard, and those follicles have been dormant your entire life they are going to take a little time to wake up and get to work. Like the hair on your head the hair on your face grows at a different pace depending on the makeup of the follicle. If you start to grow a beard and in the first week you completely shave it because you don't look like a lumber jack, you aren't allowing that follicle to do it's thing. Just because you don't see hair there, doesn't mean it won't show up at some point.

When I first started growing my beard I had a bald spot right under my chin, couldn't get hair to grow there to save my life. So to counter this I just shaved my neck to my chin line. Then I asked another bearded gent his secret, and his answer was simple. Stop shaving, use good quality products, and take care of it. So that's what I did.

Where the hope fades.... So there is some bleakness to this post. There is a possibility that the follicle is dead. If this is the case there is no "miracle" pill, oil, or balm that will help. The follicle is dead and it isn't coming back. Much like baldness, the follicles have died and can not regenerate. 

So before you go out and spend money on growth pills, or serums, or whatever else may be out there give it a little time, once the hairs start growing in that's when you can use QUALITY products to help boost that growth and get a great looking Man Beard



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