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What’s next for Man Beard?

With 2019 now fully upon us, it is time to let you guys know what's in store this year from Man Beard. We have spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks planning our future going forward for this year and we think it is going to be a great year over here. We have always believed in transparency when it comes to how we do business and will pretty much talk to anyone who asks about what we do over here, so this is no exception. 2019 is going to be a year of focus for us here, we are going to focus on the things that make this company better, and do away with the things that are slowing us down, or just aren't working. We will also be doing away with some of the things that work, but are slowing us from growing, and providing the best product out to you. So what all does this mean, well continue to read and find out.

So first things first, this year we intend to grow the brand, so what does that mean. We will start actively pursuing wholesale accounts. We want to be a household name like many of the other larger brands. So we will be out on the streets, getting the word out and making moves to get us on the shelves of retailers outside of the world wide web. We will be eliminating accounts that aren't working for us, or that cut down on the quality.

New products is another item. We will continue to expand our reach beyond that of just the bearded gentlemen. We are planning a launch of a whole line of men's grooming items. This will include, pomades, soaps, sea salt sprays, and other grooming items. We will also be launching our first beard wash in the coming months so be on the look out for that

Some of our old products will be a getting a revamp as well. We aren't changing any scents, or design, or even formula. What we are revamping is our R&D. While we loved the idea of a consumer based R&D program, we have hit the limit on the amount of regular run scents that we would like to offer. Our goal was 6, and it was what we thought all along was feasible. So what does that mean for Mystery Scent? Well we are going to keep it, but it will be a little different going forward. We will treat it as a limited run item, we will make a certain amount and when it is gone it's gone and we will begin working on the next mystery. When we stop a run of one of our regular oils we will do another test scent for you guys to try out for us and let us know if we should release it. 

We have a lot of great plans for 2019 and we want to list them all but we are going to go ahead and call this for now. Look for more great content coming from us in the coming weeks while we try and nail down a regular posting schedule for this blog, but for now... #PunchTheBear and keep on Growing





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