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Barrel Select San Antone
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Barrel Select San Antone

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Named after the home of the whiskey used in this beard oil, this set is the best of the best. We combine our signature leather and hardwood base with a fine pipe tobacco scent and just a touch of Texas Whiskey to make this truly unique blend.


Benefits of this beard oil:

Rich Composition: Man Beard Co beard oils have the appropriate amount of fatty acids Vitamin E and Vitamin A to keep your beard in a great shape.

Fast Effect: The product is exceptional for the promotion of strong and even facial hair growth. Effects are visible after a few uses.

Protection: Aids in combating dryness, itching, dandruff and other uncomfortable experiences associated with full beards.

Enhanced Look: Your facial hair is sure to look not only sleek and smooth, but also thick, even, and charming.

Skin-friendly: Tested by the makers, volunteers and buyers feedback states that it works perfectly for various skin types including the more sensitive ones.


What you get:

High-quality Product: Man Beard Co products are tested and must meet a required standard set by our professionals before we put them up for sale.

Universal Shipping: We ship our products to locations across Europe and other parts of the world to ensure that everyone gets served.

Remarkable Customer Service: We offer a very flexible and reliable customer care service to ensure issues on orders and any questions are quickly tended to.